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Our Approach
Finest Blood provides patients, partners, and clinics with service at its finest! Avoid misdiagnoses in unprecedented times and commit to laboratory services in the Finest way. Whether you are participating in mobile or in-lab services, we will provide you with the finest care and make sure your satisfaction is met.
No more waiting long hours in clinics. No more waiting long hours for results. No more leaving the comfort of your own home - if that’s what you choose! At Finest Blood, our system is designed to alleviate the challenges of accessibility and timeliness of lab work while providing exceptional customer care. We provide our patients, clinics, and partners the best in phlebotomy!
Mobile/In-Home Services
Lab Collections
Biometric Screenings
Concierge Blood Collection
Instant Urine Drug Screenings
Laboratory Services
COVID-19 Testing
Gender DNA/ Genetic Testing
Clinical Blood Draw
DOT & NON-DOT Urine Drug Screenings
Receive a clean bill of health with Finest Blood.
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